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Waves Of Passion

Jake walked down the dock and tossed his backpack onto the deck of his boat, then climbed on board and sat down. He couldn’t help but remember the last time he’d been on this boat with Melissa. They’d had what he’d thought was the best sex of their entire marriage just about four feet from where he was sitting right now. He had to smile at his stupidity, now that he knew she’d been sleeping with two other men she’d hooked up with on Craigslist. Craigslist, for fuck’s sake! Oh well, she could whore around all she wanted to now. He’d insisted on a prenup for just this reason. He had worked too hard for everything he had to lose it to some glorified piece of ass. The divorce was final now and he was done with women. He’d make an occasional visit to the strip clubs and get what he needed when he needed it and that would be that.

Jake settled in on the boat and got ready to meet his new crew. He’d hired them on the recommendations of friends who had worked with them. Jake had no time or patience to conduct interviews himself. Soon enough the first two guys showed up and were perfect for the job, so Jake got them started right away. One more man and his crew would be complete. He looked at his list. Joe was late. Only by a couple of minutes, but Jake had no tolerance for irresponsible or unreliable people. Joe was to be his personal assistant on board, so his position especially required punctuality.

As he heard someone, presumably Joe, come aboard Jake prepared to let him know that tardiness would not be tolerated. He stared at the doorway with a stern look on his face. When the sexiest woman he had ever seen stepped through the door, the stern look remained, only because Jake was so shocked he couldn’t even breathe at the moment, Shocked and aroused. The woman looked at him and smiled, and his dick got even harder. She stepped up to the desk and extended her hand.

“Hi! I’m Jo. Joann, to be more formal. How do you do?”

Jake couldn’t talk. His mouth was dry and he couldn’t remember what words were. He reached out and shook her hand mechanically, then indicated with his hand that she should take a seat.
Joann was wearing a yellow bikini that might as well have been made of tissue paper. She had clearly been swimming before coming here, as her nipples attested to, straining against the thin material like two pointed rocks. her breasts were easily the size of melons, with perfect tan lines that made it hard to look away. When she turned to pull the chair closer to the desk, he saw that the bikini bottom was thong cut and framed the most perfect ass he had ever seen.

Jake’s mouth was no longer dry.

In fact, he was practically drooling.

Joann sat down and crossed her legs, which went on for miles and were perfectly toned and tanned. She smiled at Jake and said, “I am so sorry I’m late! I won’t lie; I was just down the beach having a quick dip and I lost track of the time.”
Jake said, “Oh were you late? I didn’t notice.” His own brain asked him what the hell he was doing.

She smiled and went on: “I love the ocean! And I love your boat! It’s sooo big!”

Jake swallowed. Hard.

When he was able to breathe again, Jake went over all of the duties Joann would be expected to perform. His imagination went in an entirely different direction, but he managed to keep it together long enough to outline her job duties. He told her she could get started right away and that if she had any questions, he would be right there. Damn right. He wasn’t about to move.

Joann moved around the cabin/office silently, first making a pot of fresh coffee. When she bent over to get the creamer from the mini fridge Jake thought he would pass out. Then she came to his desk to get the file folders he was pulling from a desk drawer. Rather than waiting for him to lay them on the desk, she came around and bent to pick them up from the pile he was making on the floor. She was facing him and her breasts were on gloriously display less than a foot from his face. He was looking, and she caught him. She smiled. She stood up and put her hands on her hips, causing her breasts to jiggle.

“See something you like Boss?” Joann asked.

Jake just stared. Even with her watching him, he couldn’t look away.

She smiled and said, “Let’s make this more enjoyable for both of us”. She untied her bikini top and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts were glorious. She stood there for another moment, letting Jake take in the sight, and then she went back to her work. Jake took a moment to realize that he had a beautiful woman working topless in his office. This was a first for him and he was speechless. Joann was sorting files, organizing work space and counter areas, and making coffee all while her breasts bounced and swayed. Jake’s cock was so hard it hurt. When she poured his coffee and brought it to him with the small creamer container, she bent across his desk to set it down, then came behind the desk, pulled his chair back, straddled him, and sat down on his lap. He could feel the heat/wetness of her bikini bottom – and what lay beneath – through his pants. His hands were at his sides and it was everything he could do to keep them there, with her breasts begging to be touched.

In a throaty voice Joann said, “Do you like my tits?”

Jake said, “They’re perfect.”

She smiled and ran her hands over them, caressing them in just the way he had imagined doing only seconds before. She reached for the creamer and dipped her finger into the cold liquid, rubbing it on her nipples. They grew hard immediately. She took each one between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed, looking into Jake’s eyes as she did it. As she played with her tits she began to slowly gyrate on his erect cock. Jake couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed her tits and ran his thumbs over her nipples, squeezing and flicking them. He pulled her forward and sucked on them, grazing each one with his teeth. He let one hand slip down over her smooth flat stomach and he reached for the bathing suit bottom. He pulled it aside and let his fingers slide into the wet soft velvet flesh beneath. Joann moaned and his cock jerked. As he pinched her nipple he flicked his thumb over her clit. She cried out softly. He slipped a finger deep inside her, then two, faster and faster until she was whimpering. She reached for his zipper and before he knew what was happening his cock was free. She stroked him four times and then slid him inside her and began riding him. His hands grabbed her tits and squeezed her nipples harder and harder, and she was loving every minute every minute of it. She put her hands on the desk behind her and rode him harder and faster. Jake’s head was spinning; He had never had sex like this before. He was losing control. And he was loving it!

He knew he was ready to explode, and so did she. She suddenly jumped up, fell to her knees, and shoved his cock down her throat. Before she could even begin to suck him he exploded in her mouth. He saw stars and nearly blacked out. She swallowed every drop, licked him, clean, smiled, and stood up.

While Jake was still recovering Joann went back to her work. When he became coherent once more, she was wearing her bikini, moving around the office organizing and straightening like she’d never missed a beat.

Jake leaned back, put his hands behind his head, and smiled. This was the beginning of a great working relationship!

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